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While you enjoy a family vacation to a lodge on Larder Lake or take the boat out for the day on Kenogami Lake, we want to make sure you’re protected.

You want to make sure all your Seadoos, fishing boats, and pontoon boats are all covered for your family. Make sure when your son takes the Seadoo out for a joy-ride, that he is insured to do so. 

How you store and maintain your watercraft is important to giving you the right coverage. Do you keep your boat tied to the dock, or put it on a boat lift? Do you have a boathouse? How many years of boating experience do you have?

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Tammy Mazsa
Registered Insurance Brokers – Account Manager
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All these questions help paint a picture of your boating habits and are important to make sure you have the right coverage.

Let’s connect you with Cindy or Tammy to make sure you’re not paying any more than you have to for your insurance.

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